Neumentum aims to address shortfalls of current pain management treatments by developing and commercializing effective and safe non-opioid options without the risks of abuse, misuse and diversion seen with opioid analgesics, nor the opioid-induced side effects, including potentially life-threatening respiratory depression.

Non-cancer pain affects an estimated 178 million adults in the U.S.1, more than 50 million adults (over 20% of the adult population) suffer from chronic pain2, and many of the 51 million patients undergoing inpatient surgical procedures3 experience significant acute pain. Prescription opioids have been the mainstay of treatment for patients experiencing moderate to severe pain, but have also become widely misused and abused, with opioids responsible for over 68,630 deaths in the U.S. in 20204.

Chronic pain is pain that continues beyond the normal time of healing, often longer than 3-6 months, and, in some patients, even when there is no past injury or apparent body damage.

Acute pain usually comes on suddenly and is caused by something specific such as surgery or injury. It typically does not last longer than 6 months and resolves when there is no longer an underlying cause for the pain.


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