Ketorolac Pre-Mixed Bag for Continuous Infusion.

  • Late stage, novel, formulation of ketorolac, the most powerful NSAID, in a convenient-to-use pre-mixed bag for continuous infusion over 24-hours.
  • Phase III-ready and in development for the short-term management of moderately-severe pain, often in the postoperative setting–results expected 2021.
  • Designed to deliver 24 hours of opioid level analgesia, reduce the potential analgesic gaps associated with bolus ketorolac, and reduce or eliminate the need for postoperative opioids and shorten the length of hospital stay.
  • Novel alcohol-free formulation that is expected to eliminate the pain upon administration associated with traditional, alcohol containing, bolus ketorolac.
  • Potential US peak sales approaching $800MM.


If approved, NTM-001 will provide patients, professionals and institutions with a powerful, injectable, non-opioid analgesic in a convenient ready-to-use pre-mixed bag, offering 24-hour analgesia without the side-effects, risks, and liabilities of opioids or the disadvantages of short-acting injectable analgesics.

Disclaimer: NTM-001 is an investigational new drug candidate and is not approved for any indication in any market.